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Ambulance Services is a Hospital care Services Company, based in Hyderabad, Mainly focused on Ambulance services, Hearse van and Funeral services. Our services include: Ambulance, Hearse, Embalming, A/C Freezer Box, Coffin Box and Oxygen Cylinder, Funeral Road Ambulance Services

24/7 Ambulance Service on Call

Ambulance Services is known as a Medical Transportation 24/7 from one place to another place of the Patients, most of the Time patients are not in a position where they can’t move also at the same he/she will require medical service to save their lives and beloved ones lives.

Ambulance with ICU facility

This has the advantage that it critical case patient shifted to superior hospital which all facilities as in the ICU ambulance. The patient is accompanied with doctor, Para Medical staff and life supporting equipment.

Funeral Services

We arrange all religions death ceremonies like Hindu Purohit, Christian and Muslims. The funeral service will be conducted after the cremation by a priest. These include: Hymns (eg Om Namah Shivaya, Gayatri Mantra, Ram- ram, etc) Prayers, or music selections, and Chanting.

Transportation of dead body.

Transporting the deceased between cities, or inter-state, by land. If a funeral is to be conducted in a different city to the place of death, or even in another state, you may need to consider your options to transport the deceased.

Freezer Box

Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent in Hyderabad. To prevent the dead body preservation of corpse from tissue decomposition at your residence. Freezer box containers to transfer the dead body with dignity.


We always take appropriates inputs form the patients family related to the Emergency and by understanding the Patients Position & Situations we provide solutions. Road Ambulance Services with ventilators for patients at reasonable cost in Hyderabad.

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Customers book ambulance from us time and time again because they know our services work the first time and for many years to come when they need us